What our clients say..!

We absolutely love to keep in touch with owners of our previous puppies and we've even had the joy of babysitting one of our puppies (Gus) while his family was out-of-Country. Now and then we receive emails from families who have gotten their puppy from us. Here is a short list of testimonies from people who have chosen our puppies as their Mini Goldendoodle breeder – We know them as "friends and family"

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Hi , I wanted to let you guys know that Sassy is doing great! She's now known as "Coco". She's really the best puppy, very smart, and well behaved. I have never known such a nice puppy! You can really tell that she's been well socialized and is healthy. Thanks again for making this such a great experience. We'll definitely be back for more Mini Goldendoodle; we've caught the bug, so to speak! I'll send some pictures when she's a little bigger.

--- Jenny McGann

Dozer is now 4 1/2 years old. We could not have asked for a nicer dog. He is very healthy and has personality plus! Our vet says he is the healthiest Mini Goldendoodle puppy he has seen. Dozer was the first Mini Goldendoodle puppy to complete puppy training at our local kennel club. He does have a mind of his own and did not pass with flying colors! We love his stubbornness and individuality. Thanks for breeding such a high quality addition to our family.

--- The Sulpizio Family

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We just love our little Honey. She is the cutest, most affectionate loving little dog.We are very pleased to have found your services for your adorable little puppies and will gladly recommend you to friends.Honey has made herself at home with the family and her new counterpart "Bandit".It's so funny to watch them play together. It took him about some few days and now I can't keep them apart. Again, thank you for our little "Honey". I am saving your website as I often visit it to look at your new puppies.

--- Richard & Julie Doty, Joliet,

The puppy is awesome! We named him "Diesel." He is the cutest, sweetest, most luvable little guy. Everyone, and I mean everyone, absolutely loves him! He has had his vet visit and has had zero problems, issues whatsoever. Never even had any lose stools from the trip. I've kept him on the Royal Canine, which he loves. Also, at night, I am 'crate training' him which he also seems to enjoy. I have always had good success with crate training, but, have never seen a dog love his crate so much. He sleeps through the night, and then he eats at 6 and 6. He also comes to work with me everyday, which is a lot of fun for everyone. Anyway, so far so good. I expect things to only get better. Thanks again for everything, we really appreciate it. I will be sending pictures in the next few days.

--- Dan, Jack & Jordy

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Hi Guys, I know this is a very overdue update on a puppy that we purchased from you but better late than never! The former "Tara" is now named Fergie. First I would like to say that the disposition of this dog is top notch. We could not have asked for a better pet for our family. She has brought so much joy to us after our pug of 11.5 years passed. Fergie was born May 25, 07'. I believe my husband and I picked her up October 1st. Anyway, she is almost a year old and I would say a "slim" 15 pds. She has taken up a personality of "one of the kids" and we really feel she thinks she is one of them. She has also taken up the sport of soccer and is actually pretty competitive. It is really funny to watch her try to play against you. To convince you that she really does think she is one of the kids, she will climb up rock wall steps on our kids play ground, following them and then she will slide down the slide and also try to climb back up the slide. We have been most impressed by her patience with little children. She is excited to see them but will walk up to them and sit perfectly still so they can pet her and she loves it when they do. We also would like to mention her best friend is a farm kitten that comes to visit her everyday in the yard :) My family would like to thank you both for taking such care in breeding these family members. We are not the same since she came home with us. She is so loved and she gives that love back. Hope you both are doing well!!

---Mills Family,

I got Scooter from you about 5 years ago, he has never had any health problems and is the light of my life!! When he passes (God forbid) I will be sure to return to you to purchase another "son" for me. I love him soooo very much!! You raise great puppies!!!

--- Jim and Stephanie

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